Red Bull Flugtag Digital

Red Bull Flugtag is a large scale international event focussing on the more 'self-ironic' side of the brand.

Participators are required fly their home made ‘aircraft’ in theme, and get judged on both theatre and distance.Although International communications were adapted for local content the online creative was developed by us and appeared on local news sites.

The unique 'Fly a Flugtag' creative delivered outstanding results: 4.5 mill impressions delivered vs. 2.6 booked (unique reach 1.3 mill).

Consumers spent on average 39 seconds interacting with the creative and 574,005 Flugtags were flown in just 2 days.

Below is a video of the 'Fly a Flugtag' creative being used on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

Red Bull Bedroom Jam

Red Bull Bedroom Jam is an online program designed to get young musicians out of the bedroom and onto the stage.

Our challenge? To connect with 14 - 19 year old musicians online.

World famous illustrator, Chris Wahl, was commissioned to create the striking imagery of the online campaign. This look was extended to a calendar and PR kit.

The communication objective was twofold: drive recruitment and engage a wider audience (fans, friends and family). Accompanying the online programme were education pieces on how to create a visual identity for your band and tips for creating your band's brand online.

Though the budget was small, the campaign was hugely successful with 15,400 Facebook friends and 330 bands with uploaded music videos.

To the right is a video of an expandable banner in action.

Alternate banner layout example.

Website page integration.

Red Bull Zero Launch

Working together with the international team, we've developed an extraordinary number of interactive experiences to launch new Red Bull Zero.

Running in different formats across a wide range of media, this campaign is already having an impressive impact.

Some Banner examples.

Some Banner examples.

Rock Drop

Rock drop is an extreme mountain bike event in New Zealand. Our job was to create a logo and poster along with digital materiel to promote the event around the world.

Below is a video of the  EDM we sent out. This was also a youtube teaser.